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VII.—Writings Spurious and Dubious.

Under this head will be ranked besides writings objections against which have been already noticed:

1.  Constitutiones monasticæ (Ασκητικαὶ διατάξεις), in number thirty-four.

2.  Pœnæ in monachos delinquentes, and Pœnæ in Canonicas (πιτίμια).

3.  Libri duo de Baptismo.

4.  Sermones duo ascetici.

5.  Various Homilies:

a.  Adversus Calumniatores SS. Trinitatis,

b.  Altera de Sp. Scto.,

c.  In Sanctam Christi Generationem,

d.  De Libero Arbitrio,

e.  In aliquot Scripturæ locis, dicta in Lacizis.

f.  III.  De Jejunio.

g.  De Pœnitentia.

6.  A book On True Virginity.

7.  A treatise On consolation in adversity.

p. lxxiii 8.  A treatise De laude solitariæ vitæ.

9.  Admonitio ad filum spiritualem (extant only in Latin).

10.  Sermones de moribus XXIV. (θικοὶ λόγοι), a cento of extracts made by Simeon Metaphrastes.

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