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Matthew Chapter 28

Matthew 28:1

mat 28:1

Mar 16:1; Luk 24:1; Joh 20:1

Matthew 28:2

mat 28:2

An angel of the Lord had rolled away the stone and sat upon it - St. Luke and St. John speak of two angels that appeared: but it seems as if only one of them had appeared sitting on the stone without the sepulchre, and then going into it, was seen with another angel, sitting, one where the head, the other where the feet of the body had lain.

Matthew 28:6

mat 28:6

Come, see the place where the Lord lay - Probably in speaking he rose up, and going before the women into the sepulchre, said, Come, see the place. This clearly reconciles what St. John relates, Joh 20:12, this being one of the two angels there mentioned.

Matthew 28:7

mat 28:7

There shall ye see him - In his solemn appearance to them all together. But their gracious Lord would not be absent so long: he appeared to them several times before then. Lo, I have told you - A solemn confirmation of what he had said.

Matthew 28:9

mat 28:9

Hail - The word in its primary sense means, "Rejoice:" in its secondary and more usual meaning, "Happiness attend you."

Matthew 28:10

mat 28:10

Go tell my brethren - I still own them as such, though they so lately disowned and forsook me.

Matthew 28:13

mat 28:13

Say, his disciples came by night, and stole him while we slept - Is it possible, that any man of sense should digest this poor, shallow inconsistency? If ye were awake, why did you let the disciples steal him? If asleep, how do you know they did?

Matthew 28:16

mat 28:16

To the mountain where Jesus had appointed them - This was probably Mount Tabor, where, (it is commonly supposed,) he had been before transfigured. It seems to have been here also, that he appeared to above five hundred brethren at once.

Matthew 28:18

mat 28:18

All power is given to me - Even as man. As God, he had all power from eternity.

Matthew 28:19

mat 28:19

Disciple all nations - Make them my disciples. This includes the whole design of Christ's commission. Baptizing and teaching are the two great branches of that general design. And these were to be determined by the circumstances of things; which made it necessary in baptizing adult Jews or heathens, to teach them before they were baptized; in discipling their children, to baptize them before they were taught; as the Jewish children in all ages were first circumcised, and after taught to do all God had commanded them. Mar 16:15.

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