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Exposition of the Old and New Testament, by John Gill, [1746-63], at

1 Chronicles Chapter 11

1 Chronicles

ch1 11:0


This chapter treats of David's being anointed king by all Israel, Ch1 11:1, which agrees with Sa2 5:1 See Gill on Sa2 5:1 See Gill on Sa2 5:2 See Gill on Sa2 5:3 and of his taking Jerusalem from the Jebusites, Ch1 11:4 the account of which we have Sa2 5:6. See Gill on Sa2 5:6 See Gill on Sa2 5:7 See Gill on Sa2 5:8 See Gill on Sa2 5:9 See Gill on Sa2 5:10 only here we are told, that it was Joab that smote the Jebusites first, and so was made chief captain according to David's promise; and that he also repaired the rest of the city David built round about; perhaps the fortifications demolished in taking it, Ch1 11:6 or rather, as others give the sense, he "saved alive" (b) those that remained in the city, after he had slain the lame and the blind; though a learned (d) writer conjectures it should be read, "and Joab was made the governor of the city"; and the Targum is,"Joab governed the rest of the city.''And then follows an account of David's mighty men and worthies, Ch1 11:10 of whom see the notes on Sa2 23:8, Sa2 23:9, Sa2 23:10, Sa2 23:11, Sa2 23:12, Sa2 23:13, Sa2 23:14, Sa2 23:15, Sa2 23:16, Sa2 23:17, Sa2 23:18, Sa2 23:19, Sa2 23:20, Sa2 23:21, Sa2 23:22, Sa2 23:23, Sa2 23:24, Sa2 23:25, Sa2 23:26, Sa2 23:27, Sa2 23:28, Sa2 23:29, Sa2 23:30, Sa2 23:31, Sa2 23:32, Sa2 23:33, Sa2 23:34, Sa2 23:35, Sa2 23:36, Sa2 23:37, Sa2 23:38, Sa2 23:39 and others are added here, Ch1 11:42 of whom we know no more than their names.

(b) "vivas conservavit urbis reliquias", Junius & Tremellius; Strigelius in Poli Synops. in loc. (d) Dr. Kennicot's State of the Hebrew Text, dissert. 1. p. 54.

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