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THE following is a list of some books and pamphlets collected by the translator, and now the property of the Bodleian Library, Oxford.


KING VAKHTANG'S edition in quarto, with a commentary. The editio princeps. Tiflis, 1712. A defective copy.

D. CHUBINOV'S edition in octavo. St. Petersburg, 1846. This copy lacks title, and some pages are damaged. Wooden boards covered in velvet, with leather straps. Given as a wedding present to Euphrosyne Cldiashvili, and presented by her to the translator. It was the custom that all Georgian girls learned the poem by heart, and a copy of it was always included among the presents to a bride.

D. CHUBINOV's edition in octavo. St. Petersburg, 1860. References to this are marked "Ch." in the notes.

C. LORTHKIPANIDZE's edition (in unusual type). Kutaïs, 1883.

G. D. KART’HVELISHVILI'S edition de luxe in folio, illustrated, and adorned with borders from old designs. Tiflis, 1888.

T’HAVART’HKILADZE'S edition, with aphorisms in large type, octavo. Ozurget’hi, 1892.

T’HAVART’HKILADZE'S edition, illustrated, octavo. Batum, 1899.

A. S. KHAKHANOV (Professor at Moscow): Gruzinskaya

p. 266

rukopisnaya poema "Barsova Kozha" iz Moskovskago Glavnago Arkhiva Ministerstva Inostrannykh Dyel. (Gives many additional quatrains of doubtful authenticity from the MS. in the Archives of the Ministry for Foreign Affairs at Moscow; extracted from vol. ii. of "Trudy" of Oriental Commission of Moscow Imperial Archæological Society.) Quarto. Moscow, 1895.

VLADIMIR QIPHIANI's edition, illustrated, octavo. Tiflis, 1899.

D. CARIDCHASHVILI'S edition (the nineteenth). With four portraits and twenty-one illustrations. Octavo. Tiflis, 1903.

A handy cheap edition, with preface and glossary and notes. The numbering of the quatrains is that now usually adopted, and agrees with the foregoing English translation. References in the notes are marked "Car."

E. C. (?Bishop Cirion): Vephkhis Tqaosanis shesamotsmebeli masali. (Gives variants, marked in the footnotes "var. E. C.," from a seventeenth-century MS.) Pp. 20-38 in No. v. of "Moambe." Tiflis, 1904.

In December, 1911, Prince George Tseret’heli presented a MS. with illustrations. It seems to be of the seventeenth century.


PROFESSOR N. MARR: Vstupitelnyya i zakliuchitelnyya strofy Vityazya y Barsovoi Kozhie (the introductory and concluding strophes of "The Man in the Panther's Skin") being t. xii. of "Teksty i Razyskaniya." St. Petersburg, 1910. References to this are marked "M."

PROFESSOR N. MARR: Drevnegruzinskie Odopistsi (ancient Georgian writers of odes, twelfth century), being t. iv. of "Teksty." St. Petersburg, 1902. References to this are marked "M. iv." or "Odes."

J. ABULADZE: Me-xii saucunis Kart’hulis mtserlobis khasiat’hi da Rust’hvelis Vep’hkhis Tqaosani. (Contains a glossary of words derived from Persian, Arabic, etc.) Printed in vol. i. of "Dzveli Sakart’hvelo." Tiflis, 1909. References are marked "Abul."

ARTHUR LEIST: Der Mann im Tigerfelle. (A German verse translation.) Octavo. Preface dated 1889. Dresden and Leipzig.

AL. S(ARADJI)SHVILI: "Vephkhis Tqaosanis" qalbi adgilebi (The spurious passages in "The Man in the Panther's Skin"). Published in "Moambe," beginning in No. xi. of 1895, and ending in No. vi. of 1901, and would make a volume of 590 pages octavo; it gives the results of a critical examination of the whole poem. Tiflis, 1895-1901. Cf. articles in "Iveria," Tiflis, 1899, Nos. 3, 34, 47.

E. C.: An article in "Iveria," No. 93 of 1895.

p. 267

M. BROSSET: De la littérature romanesque géorgienne (in Mélanges Asiatiques tirés du Bulletin de l’Acad. Imp. des Sciences de St. Pétersbourg, t. viii). St. Pétersbourg, 1877.

FELIX HOLLDACK: Zwei Grundsteine zu einer Grusinischen Staats- und Rechtsgeschichte. Leipzig, 1907.

P. CARBELASHVILI: An article in the Tiflis journal "Iveria" for 1880, pp. 3-54.

ACHAS BORIN: La Peau de Léopard. Tiflis, 1885.

ACHAS BORIN: Contes orientaux. Paris, 1886.

ILIA CHAVCHAVADZE: Ai Istoria! Tiflis, 1887.

ACACI (TSERET’HELI): Ramdenime sitqva bat. Ilia Dchavdchavadzis sapasukhod "Vephkhvis Tqaosanis" gamo. (A reply to his fellow-poet Chavchavadze's pamphlet "Ai Istoria!" on the question whether Tariel, Avt’handil, and P’hridon, are to be taken as types of Karthli, Imerethi, and Guria.) Tiflis, 1887.

ACACI (TSERET’HELI): T’hanamedrove hazrebi Rust’hvelisagan me-12-e saucuneshi natsinastsari. (In the Tiflis paper "Themi," No. 20 of 1911.)

A. S. KHAKHANOV: Ocherki po istorii gruzinskoi slovesnosti. (History of Georgian Literature.) Vol. ii., pp. 243-298. Moscow, 1897. Vol. i., pp. 281, 282. Moscow, 1895. Vol. iii., pp. 73-84, 94. Gruzinskii poet xii. vieka Shota Rustaveli i ego poema "Barsova Kozha," in "Journ. of Russian Min. of Publ. Instr.," part cccii., 1905, No. 12, pp. 200-223.

M. DJANASHVILI: Shot’ha Rust’haveli. Tiflis, 1896.

M. DJANASHVILI: Izrecheniya gruz. poeta Shota Rustaveli. (Aphorisms from the poem translated into Russian.) Tiflis, 1903.

M. DJANASHVILI: Rust’havelis garshemo (criticism of Professor Marr's views), in "Nashromi," part iii. Tiflis, 1910.

N. GULAK: O Barsovoi Kozhe Rustaveli. (Two lectures delivered in Tiflis in 1884. Extracted from part iv. of Sborn. materialov dlya opisaniya myestnostei i plemen Kavkaza.)

U. (? P. UMICASHVILI): O poezii Rustaveli (criticism of N. Gulak's lectures), in No. 248 of the newspaper "Kavkaz." Tiflis, November 6, 1884.

BARON SÜTTNER: Mnyenie inostrantza o "Barsovoi Kozhe."

(Opinion of a foreigner on "The Man in the Panther's Skin.") Russian translation of articles based on Meunargia's prose translation into French, which has not been published. In Nos. 265, 267, 268, of "Kavkaz." Tiflis, 1884.

SH. DAVIDOV: A translation into Russian prose of part (about 300 lines) of the poem, in "Zakavkazie," December 12 and 19, 1910.

E. S. STALINSKII: Barsova Kozha, part ii. (Translations of short passages into Russian, French, German, and Armenian, with an essay in Russian, including notes on versification.) Tiflis, 1888.

p. 268

G. JOSELIANI: Vephkhis Tqaosani naambobi mozrdilis qmatsvilebisat’hvis. (A prose summary of the poem, for children.) Tiflis, 1892.

G. JOSELIANI: Another edition, illustrated. Tiflis, 1898.

A. P’HURTZELADZE: Shot’ha Rust’haveli da misi tzoli. (A popular legend about the faithlessness of the poet's wife. With a preface of 12 pages.) Batum, 1899.

"R. KINVARI": V Barsovoi Kozhe. Kartiny dlya stseny. (An adaptation for the stage in Russian verse, with preface and illustration.) St. Petersburg, 1901.

Z. MT'HATSMINDELI: Shot’ha Rust’haveli, 1172-1216. Tiflis, 1884 (bound up in volume lettered "Karthuli Mtserloba"). Gives the following rough bibliographical references on pp. i,

(a) Kart’hlis Tzkhovreba. 1852.

(b) Theimuraz Mephe: Sakarthvelos Istoria. 1848.

(c) Brosset's Preface to Chubinov's Dictionary. 1848.

(d) Brosset's Preface to Text of "Man in Panther's Skin." 1840.

(e) Archbishop Timothé's Travels. 1852.

(f) Journal "Tziscari." 1867.

(g) Casimir Lopczynski's Preface (in Polish). 1870.

(h) D. Djanashvili: Sakarthvelos Istoria. 1875.

(i) Newspaper "Droeba." 1881.

(j) D. Djanashvili: Karthveli Kalebi, in journal "Iveria." 1883.

(k) P. Umicashvili: Article in "Iveria." 1884.

(l) Acaci Tseret’heli: Lectures not yet published.

(m) Arsen the Monk (MS.), xvii c.: Leaves from Georgian Ecclesiastical History.

(n) Archimandrite Tarasi: Materials in the Monastery of Kvat’ha Khevi.

(o) King Vakhtang: Preface to Tiflis edition of 1713.

(p) King Theimuraz and others: Poems.

(q) Prince David: MS. information.

(r) Catholicos Anton: Tsqobili Sitqvaoba. 1852.

(s) Platon Joseliani: Notes on Rusthaveli.

(t) Georgian Chrestomathy, part i. 1848.

(u) Khosro T’hurmanidze (xvii c.): Rostomiani (translation of Shah Nameh).

(v) Prince Bagrat's Poems, written in xvii c.

(w) D. Bakradze's Preface to Calmasoba. 1862.

(x) Vakhusht's Geography. 1848.

All the above are in Georgian; the following are in Russian:

(aa) Progress of Science in Georgia, article in "Syevernaya Pchela." 1840.

(ab) Short Sketch of Georgian Literature, in "Tifl. Vyed." 1832.

p. 269

(ac) Brosset: Georgian Literature in "Syn Otechestva." 1840.

(ad) Monuments of Literature in Georgia, in "Kavkaz." 1849.

(ae) Zakavkazskii Vyestnik. 1850.

(af) "Kavkaz." 1846.

(ag) "Kavkaz." 1870.

(ah) Bakradze: Ancient Meskhia, in "Kavkaz." 1855.

(ai) Pl. Joseliani: Journey from Tiflis to Mtzkhet. 1871.

(aj) Brosset: Review of Georgian Literature, in "Journ. of Education Dept." 1838.

(ak) Golovin: History of Georgia. 1865.

(al) Georgia, published by Alexander Nevsky Academy. 1802.

(am) Prince David: History of Georgia. 1801.

(an) R. Eristov: Rust’haveli, an article in "Kavkaz."

(ao) G. Joseliani: Rust’haveli, an article in "Kavkaz."

(ap) N. Gulak's Lectures on Rust’haveli.

(aq) Bakradze: History and Ethnography of Tiflis. 1873.

(ar) Pl. Joseliani: Shot’ha Rust’haveli.


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