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790He prayed and said: "Great God of earths and heavens, who sometimes punishest, sometimes art ready to reward, Unknowable and Unspeakable, Lord of lordships, give me to endure longings, O ruler of heart-utterances!

791"God, God, I beseech Thee, who govern’st the deeps and heights; Thou didst create love, Thou hast decreed its law; Fate has sundered me from mine excellent sun; uproot not the love sowed by her for me!

792"God, God, merciful, I have none beside Thee; from Thee I beg aid on the road, however long I travel; shelter me from the mastery of foes, the turmoil of the seas, the evil one by night! If I survive, I shall serve Thee, I shall offer sacrifice to Thee."

793When he had prayed, he mounted his horse (and) privily passed through the gates; he sent back Shermadin, albeit he made great lamentations. The vassal weeps and

p. 127

beats his breast; the wretched man sheds floods of tears. What can rejoice the vassal deprived of the sight of his lord!

794Now will I begin another tale; I will attend the parting knight. There was no audience that day for the wrathful Rosten. When day dawned he rose sullen; he was as if he poured flame from his face; he commanded the vizier to be called; thither they led him pale with fear.

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