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367"With mine eyes I gazed upon the letter written by her. I wrote in answer: 'O moon, how indeed can the sun surpass thee! May God not give me that which is not like thee! I feel as in a dream; I cannot believe in my survival.'

p. 60

368"I said to Asmat’h: 'I cannot devise more answer than this. Say thus to her: O sun! since thou art arisen as a light for me, behold thou hast quickened me (who was) dead; I shall faint no more henceforth, whatever be the service I am a liar if I shun it.'

369"Asmat’h said to me: 'She told me: Let us do thus, thus were it better: Whoever sees thee will discover nothing of my discourse with him; he will come to see me as if he were making love to thee. She entreated me to tell the Amirbar so to behave.'

370"This counsel pleased me, the wisdom of the heart of her whom even the sun took care not to gaze on; she had given to me to hear the refined d conversation of her in whose rays daylight was like darkness.

371"I gave Asmat’h choice jewels with a golden cup. She said to me: 'No. I do not want them; I have these to satiety.' She took one ring weighing a drachmas; 'this is enough for a token; I am full of other bracelets.'

372"The maid arose and went forth. The spears spared my heart, joy lightened my darkness, the fire which had burned me was extinguished. I went in and sat down at the banquet where my comrades were drinking; joyful, I distributed gifts, the jubilation increased.

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